Cellular Automata - Machine Hull

September 16th, 2008

I have a folder on my computer filled with strange variations of cellular automata. I’ve spent many hours playing with the life lexicon - but most of the cellular automata experiments I have in this folder are similar (at least in their simplicity) to your standard sand CA. I usually base the rules on the color of each pixel. For instance:

- scatter a few randomly colored pixels here and there
- if a pixel is not black
- calculate a slightly darker variation of the current pixels color
- surround the current pixel with this color

Here is a variation on that idea - it’s a bit more complex than the above description, but the principal is the same:

Click above image to see flash version

It’s a bit easier to understand what’s happening here in the following example:

Click above image to see flash version

I’ll be posting things from my Cellular Automata folder regularly…

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